Looks like there was an issue while verifying your information on the Flyp App. The Flyp Team is notified each time our customers reach the problem screen "Houston, we have a problem". We work to resolve each of the problems as soon as we can. Here are a few ways we may resolve your issue:

  1. You may have miskeyed a piece of information and we'll ask you to try again. Some common errors are using two digits for the birth year instead of four, and mixing up numbers on your social security number.

  2. We may ask for additional verification through our document verification process. It's easy - We'll send you an email and a text to complete the process. It's quick and can be done from your phone.

  3. Flyp may review and see that there isn't enough information correlated to you and we can't have you as a customer. Big bummer for both of us.

As we said, we review all applications, if we see a way to have you as a customer we'll reach out but, if you don't hear from us you can reach out on the App or in our Discord channel and let us know you are waiting. Flyp is working hard to give all customers the best experience we can. Your feedback is valuable - you can send us a note in the ChatBot.

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